Five Reasons to Add Timing Tells to your Game

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Five Reasons to Add Timing Tells to your Game

1. Timing Tells are a New and Unexplored Edge

Imagine sitting at a poker table full of players who have an identical playing style to yourself. Every player would eventually lose all of their money to the rake.

If you introduce an extra edge to only one of those players, they would be the only winner.

Since timing tells are a relatively new concept to the online poker world, adding this new edge to your game can help separate you from the rest of the players who all use similar statistics and styles to combat each other.

2. Open More Hands in Late Position

In our recent blog post we discussed how to defend against 3betting by using timing tells.

Knowing how to profitably defend against 3betting in late position will allow you to open more hands as your opponents will be less willing to 3bet you.

3. Adding Timing Tells to your Game can be Easy

In our article Six Ways to Instantly Improve your Online Poker Winrate we mention several ways to quickly and easily add timing tells to your game.

4. Add Excitement to your Grind

Playing poker day after day can get repetitive, which can be damaging to your overall quality of play. By adding timing tells to your game you are introducing something new and ensuring that your game is not degrading at the same time.

5. It’s Easy to have a Balanced Timing Range

With the TimeMojo Randomizer you can leave the balancing of your timing range to us. The randomizer will automatically delay your actions so you don’t have to.

Balancing Timing Tells

Balancing Timing Tells

Visit our features page to learn how easy it is to add timing tells to your game by using TimeMojo: TimeMojo Features

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