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Online Poker New Years Grinding Tips

Happy 2015!

With the new year here, poker players like to set goals to follow as a means of motivation. Many of these goals fizzle out before the month of January is over, which leads to the opposite effect the player originally wanted: depression and burnout.

Please enjoy the following tips below to help prevent burnout and to help you deal with a poker player’s most dangerous villain, the downswing.

1. Don’t set VPP/Rakeback goals

This is the most common mistake players make. Setting goals based on volume often leads to a degrading performance at the tables. Ask yourself this:

“When is the last time I made money at the tables when forcing volume?”

Your answer should be enough to convince you to change your approach to the game.

2. Don’t check your results so often

One of the best ways to counter a downswing is to stop checking your results so often. Instead of checking daily, try checking only once a week.

With this approach, you may not even know you went on a downswing. Shouldn’t your play be the same regardless of how you are doing that day?

3. Pick something to improve on during downswings

When you find yourself on a downswing, the best thing you can do to ensure your game does not degrade is to find something to improve on or add to your game.

Not only will you find yourself playing closer to your A game, but you may find yourself having some fun.

Timing tells are a good place to start: Online Poker Timing Tell Strategy

With keeping these tips in mind, you will be three steps closer to mastering the poker mindset. Happy new year and here’s to a great 2015!

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