How to Move up from the Micro Stakes

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How to Move up from the Micro Stakes

Hello! Today we will be going over a few simple tricks that can help make a struggling micro stakes player be more aggressive, more confident and in turn increase their winrate.

Raising more Hands Preflop

Playing in position is very profitable. Therefore, the best places to become aggressive preflop are on the cut-off and the button.

Imagine we were on the cutoff and had three very tight players to our left (which definitely exist in the micro stakes). If they all have a fold to steal of around 85%, they will all fold to a preflop raise 61.4% (.85^3) of the time. This means that you could profitably min-raise 100% of cards on the cutoff, which has to only work 57.1% of the time. If you are uncomfortable min-raising preflop, you can raise fewer hands and make your raise size bigger.

That being said, a more common scenario and solution is to raise 50-70% of hands in this position with 2 out of the 3 players remaining being very tight.

While improving your image, this will drastically raise your VPIP/PFR even though we are only raising more in select and optimal spots.

How to Profitably Defend Against 3betting

Now that we are raising more hands preflop, our opponents will begin to 3bet us more. While this is a scary prospect, there is a very easy trick to combat this.

Opponents who take a long time to 3bet preflop (around 7 seconds or higher) are more likely to be weak than opponents who take little time (less than 4 seconds) to 3bet.

Combining this with a good blocker (holding a queen, king or ace) and against an opponent with a high 3bet percentage, we will begin 4bet bluffing at an extremely high success rate.

Take a look at our example below:

4bet bluffing

While our hand does not have a good blocker, our opponent has a very high 3bet percentage and took very long (14 seconds) to 3bet us. This leads to an extremely profitable 4bet bluffing spot. This is a very common spot at the micro stakes and by using this timing tell you will be a very difficult player to play against. Note that you only need to make an in position 4bet about 2.25x the size of the 3bet. Out of position you should make it a little bigger (about 2.35x).

Timing Tells and the Micro Stakes

We proved the existing edge of timing tells in online poker in our Timing Tell Studies and the lower you go in stakes, the more timing tells players will have. Therefore, micro stakes players are the best candidates to begin adding these simple timing tells to their game.

The next session you play be sure to look out for this new and exciting edge.

TimeMojo Free 7 Day Trial

We highly recommend that all micro stakes players use TimeMojo to accurately determine their opponent’s timings. Please take advantage of our free 7 day trial and see what timing tells can do for your winrate and confidence.

TimeMojo works on all PokerStars versions and Full Tilt Poker.


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