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SeatMojo is a seating script for PokerStars, iPoker, Microgaming (MPN), Winning Poker Network (WPN), Chico Network and 888Poker that allows you to instantly sit with incoming players based on note color preferences.

Free 7 Day Trial

In order to minimize the number of available licenses for SeatMojo, we are only allowing trials through email contact. If you would like to try SeatMojo, please contact:

Please include your game type and stake range you will be playing.

SeatMojo Features

Full Theme and Setup Compatibility for PokerStars

SeatMojo works with all PokerStars themes and setups, including custom made themes.

Blazing Fast Speed

SeatMojo has been thoroughly tested against other scripts in the middle and higher stakes range and consistently gets seats or a top position on the wait list.

Sit with Current or Incoming Players

SeatMojo will reserve a seat for you and complete the buy-in if the new player is a mark. If you open a table that already has a mark, SeatMojo will get the best available seat or add you to the wait list.

Due to the recent PokerStars change only allowing a player to cancel a reservation twice on a table in a 6 hour period, SeatMojo now allows for the user to only sit with confirmed marked players.

Instant Automatic Wait List Adding

If you are observing a table with only 1 available seat, or if SeatMojo misses the seat, SeatMojo will automatically add you to the wait list.

Table Management Options

SeatMojo has the following table management options:

  • Automatically sit out when sat on a new table
  • Automatically accept waiting list popups
  • Automatically complete buy-in if a seat is manually selected
  • Automatically sit out (and option to close) when all marked players leave the table
  • Close tables that fill up without a marked player
  • Close tables after SeatMojo adds you to the wait list
  • Move newly sat tables to a set location
  • Move the PokerStars buy-in window to a set location
  • Disable SeatMojo when user is sitting at a set number of tables
  • Sit with marked players that have a minimum number of Big Blinds

  • Ignore List

    If there is a player who you have marked but you do not want to play with them, you have the option of adding them to an ignore list and SeatMojo will not consider them a mark anymore.

    Lobby Scanner – Automatically Load Observe Tables

    SeatMojo will automatically load tables of the stake limits you want to observe and watch for your desired seats. The tables are loaded into a single stack to an area on your monitor making table observation easy.