Six Ways to Instantly Improve your Online Poker Winrate

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Six Ways to Instantly Improve your Online Poker Winrate

1. 4Bet Bluff Time-Down 3Bets

According to our timing tell studies, 4Bet bluffing a regular player’s time-down 3Bet will lead to an 18% gain in equity for each 4Bet bluff. This will allow you to dominate the preflop game and drive your opponents crazy.

Online Poker 4bet Success Rate

2. Use <1 Second 'Checks' to Narrow Down Multi-Way Pots

Players will often select the “Check/Fold” option (or check very fast) when in multi-way pots they do not care about. This will help you narrow down a multi-way pot to fewer players or even to a heads-up pot, which will increase your winrate in multi-way pots.

3. Use TimeMojo’s Randomizer to Prevent Self Timing Tells

By using TimeMojo’s Randomizer feature, you can automatically delay your actions so that your opponent’s can not form timing tells on yourself. This is the easiest way to automatically increase your winrate.

Online Poker Timing Tells Prevention

Street by Street Customization

The TimeMojo Randomizer settings allow you to randomize and change the timing settings for specific streets.

TimeMojo Randomizer

4. Don’t 3Bet or 4Bet Bluff Snap Preflop Raises

3Bet bluffing a regular player’s snap preflop raise will cause a 9% loss in equity for each 3Bet bluff. By avoiding lower success rate bluffs, your winrate will naturally increase.

Online Poker Timing Tell Study

4Bet bluffing a snap 3Bet, will lead to an astonishing 34% loss in equity for each 4bet bluff. This is crucial to avoid to improve your winrate.

5. Don’t Bluff Raise Snap CBets

Bluff raising a snap CBet will lead to a 20% loss in equity for each CBet bluff raise.

6. Use TimeMojo’s Average Timings HUD Popup

To further enhance your equity using these tricks, we strongly recommend using the TimeMojo HUD popup that contains opponent’s average timings for specific actions.

TimeMojo Timing Tell HUD Popup

By using these, you can know if your opponent’s time-down action is average or a hesitation.

For example, if your opponent takes 10 seconds to 3Bet you and you know his average 3Bet timing is 6 seconds, you can be confident in knowing the 10 second 3Bet is a hesitation and that this is a good spot to 4Bet bluff.

Visit our features page to learn how easy it is to add timing tells to your game by using TimeMojo: TimeMojo Features

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