Increase your Winrate

Whether you are looking to move up in stakes, increase your confidence or add excitement to your poker grind, timing tells are an excellent tool to accomplish all of the above. With TimeMojo you can increase your win-rate, protect yourself from being exploited by others and be a part of the latest edge in online poker! Read about all of TimeMojo’s features here: TimeMojo Features

Smooth Timing HUD

TimeMojo Timing HUD

TimeMojo is performance optimized for a smooth HUD system.

Powerful HUD Popup

TimeMojo Timing Tell HUD

Form powerful timing tells on your opponents without the tedious task of taking notes! Just run TimeMojo while you play and watch your opponents HUD popups fill with valuable information. The HUD popup features average times to help determine whether your opponents timing is fast or slow and advanced timing stats to help determine your opponents hand strength.

Easy Integration

TimeMojo Settings

Move the timing HUDs wherever you want and TimeMojo will save their positions for all and future tables. Customize the timing HUD colors, font, style and size in the TimeMojo settings menu. Remove excess clutter by having the timing HUDs disappear whenever an opponent folds.

Recall past Timings

Timing Tell Lookup

Lookup previously played hands and view their action timings.

Powerful Timing Tell Trends

Fold to 3Bet%

Over the past several months we have been collecting volunteered timing hand histories from TimeMojo users. With these, we have done analysis of certain trends over the entire player pool of each stake available. Increase your winrate today by adding these simple tells to your game: TimeMojo Timing Tell Studies

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TimeMojo works on all PokerStars versions and Full Tilt Poker.